Maternal and Neonatal Mortality

Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) is undertaking an evaluation of the impact of approaches adopted so far, to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality across rural and urban India, in the context of health systems performance, socio-economic determinants, political and governance frameworks as well as institutional mechanisms. 

This impact evaluation on maternal and neonatal mortality will undertake

(i) a comprehensive critical literature review on the role of epidemiological, socio-economic, health system, policy and structural determinants of maternal and neonatal mortality across Indian states;
(ii) a situation analysis of the development contexts and implementation of health interventions across five high focus states (Assam,  Bihar /Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh), in comparison with implementation of the very same health and development related interventions across two well performing states, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, in order to  document lessons as well as implications for policy and programme;
(iii) a statistical and econometric analysis to verify the relative role and influence of socio-economic and cultural determinants, demand and supply factors, critical health interventions, developmental and health system constraints, that continue to stymie more rapid and sustained declines in maternal and neonatal mortality across India; 
(iv) a situation analysis of the infirmities in management structures across urban slums and peri - urban India to process and address maternal and neo-natal health outcomes,  with specific reference to Ahmedabad, Bhopal and Delhi, with a view to documenting the lessons and implications for policies aimed at improving maternal and neonatal survival in urban areas; and
(v) finally IEO will  deliver a synthesised report on all of the above .
The lead partner in undertaking this impact evaluation on maternal and neonatal mortality is the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, headed by Director Professor Manoj Panda.

Other partners identified are

(i) International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN Trust International)
(ii) Indian Institute of Public Health GandhiNagar, Gujarat ;
(iii) Indian Institute of Public Health, Delhi; and
(iv) Action Research and Training for Health, Udaipur, Rajasthan; and
(v) civil society participants, Rural Women’s Social Education Centre (RUWSEC), Chengalpattu, Tamilnadu,.
It is anticipated that this impact evaluation of maternal and neonatal mortality will be completed by December 2015.

Independent Evaluation Office convened a wide-ranging deliberation on March 31. 2014, chaired by Dr. Ajay Chhibber, Director General IEO. Key participants included Secretary, Additional Secretary/ Mission Director National Health Mission, and Chief Director Statistics from Ministry of Health, Registrar General of India, Advisor Health Planning Commission, Country Representative WHO, academicians Professor Lalit Dandona (PHFI), Professor Sanjay  Mohanty (IIPS, Mumbai), Professor US Mishra (CDS, Trivandrum), and all Principal Investigators.
The format of the study as it has evolved so far has been indicated above. It is entirely feasible to build in and co-opt areas / aspects that may have been omitted. 

Ongoing Evaluations