Director General's Message

IEO will conduct independent evaluations of programs especially flagship programs and assess their effectiveness relevance and impact. It has the freedom to conduct independent evaluations on any program which has access to public funding or implicit or explicit guarantees from the Government. It has the authority to make all it's findings public without any interference from the Government.

Independent Evaluation Office

  • Independent Evaluation Office

    The Independent Evaluation Office was set up in 2013 by the Government of India to improve the effectiveness of government programmes and...


Fixing India Achilles Heel - Failure to Deliver Public Services

  • Fixing India Achilles Heel - Failure to Deliver Public Services

    India's Achilles Heel remains its inability to deliver public services. Without a solution to this critical weakness India's aspiration to be a...

Ongoing Evalutions






Rethinking and rebooting

  • Rethinking and Rebooting

    In 2013-14 , India has budgeted around Rs 200,000 crores ( roughly $ 30 billion) for its flagship programs - a significant amount...